MSc student

Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society

Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences

Liu Hengxin (MC 2)

Nationality: China
Research Topic: インターネットによるアント・フォレストの植林システムの仕組み分析と課題

Airyai Vongxay (MC 2)

Nationality: Laos
Research Topic: The potential cause leading to an inefficient implementation of village forest management in Lao PDR: Case study at Koua and Kuay villages, Sangthong district, Vientiane capital, Laos

Xiaohan Feng (MC 2)

Nationality: China
Research Topic: 中国における森林認証の現状と課題ーー中国FSC森林認証のCAR分析から

Nilapha Vorachith (MC 2)

Nationality: Laos
Research Topic: Improving the Contract Farming System of Tree Plantation in the Lao PDR: Case Study of Commercial Eucalyptus Plantation


Yang Jiaqi (MC 2)

Nationality: China
Research Topic: 林下経済の発展と林家への影響-メタ分析による文献分析-

Ou Nary (MC 1)

Nationality: Cambodia
Research Topic: Rubber Agricultural Cooperative Role on Livelihood for its members in Mondulkiri province, Cambodia

Zhang Ying (MC 2)

Nationality: China
Research Topic: Tourists-perceived Recreational Value of Urban Forestry During the COVID-19 Pandemic——Take Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park as an Example

Doaa Eladl (MC 2)

Nationality: Egypt
Research Topic: Development of Soil Improvement Materials using Beneficial Microorganisms and  agro waste products for Agriculture

Jingyi Wang (MC1)

Nationality: China
Research Topic: Research on the analysis of new plant pathogens which infected the wild asparagus plant (Asparagus kiusianus)

Yicong Wang (MC1)

Nationality: China
Research Topic: The influence of the implementation of Forest Chief System on rural residents: A case study of Anhui, China

Yasuaki Ogawa (MC1)

Nationality: Japan
Research Topic: Trichoderma属菌を用いた生物的防除法の検討

Bachelor course students/ Research Students

Michiho Hamaoka (BC4)

The 21st Century Program
Nationality: Japan
Research Topic: 屋久島における公認ガイド制度の評価 〜ガイドへの意識調査〜

LI Ruiyu (RS)

Nationality: China
Research Topic: 廃棄古紙を利用した新規キノコ栽培の技術開発に関する研究

Alejandra Zamora (RS)

Nationality: Peru
Research Topic: Consuetudinary practices of local communities as effective solution for the conservation of Andean Amazonian ecosystem in Peru

Do Thi Nhinh (RS)

Nationality: Vietnam
Research Topic: Policy choices and impacts of coal mining on deforestation and local people’s livelihoods