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ITA has been in charge of graduate education since 1996, accepting graduate students from the Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (now the Graduate School of Bioresource and Environmental Studies) and the Graduate School of Comparative Studies in Society and Culture (now the Graduate School of Integrated Studies of Global Society).

Until September 2018, 42 students had completed master’s programs (Japan 18, China 9, Myanmar 4, Laos 3, Bangladesh 2, Korea 1, Indonesia 1, Philippines 1, Kenya 1, Vietnam 2), 20 students had completed doctoral programs (doctoral degree recipients) (Japan 4, Korea 3, Bangladesh 3, China 2, Vietnam 3, Laos 1, Philippines 1, Vietnam 3, Laos 1, Philippines 1, Vietnam 2, Myanmar 4, Laos 2, Myanmar 4, Laos 1, Philippines 1, Kenya 1, Vietnam 2). Laos 1, Philippines 1, Myanmar 2, Thailand 1), and 20 doctoral degree recipients (Ph. Based on the network of these world-renowned graduates, we are developing research activities related to tropical agriculture and environmental studies.

Current status of Alumni

Md. Mamunur Rahman 

2015 MSc., 2018 PhD.
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, Gazipur, Bangladesh

Greetings for the Nekken Friends

The Institute of Tropical Agriculture (NEKKEN) is a vibrant institute with multicultural environment in academics and research. The deliberate, expert and experienced faculties of this institute specialized in diversified field of research furnished me with a solid academic foundation and skills for my job responsibilities in Bangladesh. I spent the most valuable stages of my life in NEKKEN (around 5 and half years) to conquer the modern and latest research technology. It has provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow myself in each and every sector. It feels great to be taught by amazing teachers who always motivated and encouraged me to face the risks and learn new things. As NEKKEN shed lights the agriculture of tropical countries, therefore, the students from different tropical region enhanced the bonding and versatility of this Institute. I am proud to consider myself as a member of NEKKEN family.

Recent research activities

After completion of my PhD from Kyushu University, I joined as Associate Professor at BSMRAU and presently serving as Academic supervisor of 5 MS students from the Department of Entomology. I am offering the courses of Insect Genetics and Molecular Biology, Insect Morphology at Graduate level and Insect Taxonomy and Systematics, Economic Entomology at the undergraduate level at BSMRAU. Presently conducting the research on Molecular phylogenetic study of Apis mellifera in Bangladesh under the project of Special allocation from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. In addition, several research project regarding Entomological authentication of Honey in Bangladesh funded by RMW (Research Management Wing) is going on mitochondrial DNA based molecular approaches of identifying productive haplotypes of honeybee in Bangladesh