Akinori Ozaki

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Associate Professor

International Development Section

My major research target is a clarification of the relationship between hydrodynamic phenomenon and water quality variation in various water environments including lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and aquaculture ponds in the tropics and subtropics.
For a deeper understanding of an actual phenomenon in water environments, I am especially focusing on continuous monitoring of the water environment with field monitoring, soil and water sampling, and image capturing. For a detail clarification of the water environment, I am conducting soil and water quality analysis, numerical modeling/analysis, statistical analysis, image analysis, etc. by using monitoring data.
Current research topics are;
“Clarification of heat storage mechanism and its impact on fish disease in saline aquaculture ponds in Tropics”
“Clarification of heavy metal contamination mechanism in the estuary in south-east/south Asian countries”
“Image analysis and its qualification/quantification of water environment in closed water body”